As a writer and speaker, the work of best-selling author and lecturer Gary Ferguson comes from intimate experience.

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Species are now disappearing from planet Earth at 1,000 to 10,000 times the natural extinction rate. Arguably, there’s never been a greater urgency to expand our world view to include the well being of these “others” . . .…

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Climate Change

Speaking about the reluctance of his own generation, the baby boomers, to face the challenges of climate change, Gary Ferguson writes: The injustices we tried to face down when we were young, including giving good weight to . . .

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Psychology of Nature

“We are children of our landscape,” wrote novelist Lawrence Durrell. Much of Gary’s writing and speaking explores this provocative idea: from his having followed so-called “at-risk” teens through two months of compassionate wilderness therapy for . . .

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There’s been no more powerful force for defining American identity than our longstanding, often heroic efforts to preserve our natural landscapes. Ferguson brings a vibrant, celebratory spirit to his conservation discussions, reminding his audiences of how . . .…

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