Chimpanzees Find a Hero

Gary’s recent book “Opening Doors” tells the gripping story of Dr. Carole Noon, a colleague and mentee of Jane Goodall, who created the largest chimpanzee rescue sanctuary in the world.

Ferguson’s program – rich with still images and video – tells how, against all odds, Noon teamed up with philanthropist Jon Stryker to rescue nearly 300 chimps from one of the worst biomedical laboratories in America.

Woven into his presentation is the parallel story – equally intriguing – of chimpanzee research in the United States: from the early days of capturing chimps in West Africa for the American Space program, to the sad and inhumane lives these same animals would end up leading in biomedical labs, to the decision by the United States government earlier this year to ban invasive research on chimpanzees.

This is a remarkable story of an expanding humanitarian ethic, as well as of what one person’s passion and vigor can do to change the world.