Wolves Coming Home to Yellowstone: A Hallmark of American Conservation

Of all the conservation efforts in American history, none have been more significant – or more controversial – than the story of wolves coming home to Yellowstone. Besides having given us a phenomenal array of ecological lessons, the effort also says volumes about America’s love affair with wild places. This sixty to ninety-minute presentation – complete with striking images and video clips of wolves in the wild – is based on Gary’s years of work on The Yellowstone Wolves: The First Year (LyonsPress), as well as his subsequent efforts with Yellowstone Wolf Project Director Doug Smith, with whom he co-authored the award-winning Decade of the Wolf: Returning the Wild to Yellowstone (Globe-Pequot).

This is remarkable science – the tracking of how the return of a single species helped change the very fabric of Yellowstone ecology. And there are remarkable stories, too: tales of wolf encounters with elk, grizzly bears, coyotes and moose.

Gary has given well over a hundred wolf programs across the country, for groups ranging from the National Geographic Speakers Series to the graduate Wildlife Department at the University of California, Berkley; from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to the Lewis & Clark School of Law.