“Gary Ferguson is one of the most engaging speakers we’ve ever presented . . .”
-Greg McGruder, National Geographic Lecture Series

“In ten years of teaching and countless guest lectures, I have never enjoyed learning about a subject more than I did from Gary Ferguson. His talk was both informative and inspiring!”
-Dr. William Lowry, Political Science Department, Washington University, St. Louis

“Gary is an articulate, dare I say mesmerizing, speaker … [he] kept the rapt attention of an audience for two hours. I’d have him back any time!”
—Chantal Seely, Multnomah County Library, Portland, Oregon

“A true professional and a most compelling talk … his enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for the written and spoken word is phenomenal. We highly recommend Gary Ferguson for all audiences.”
-Cheryl Schwartz, Association for Experiential Education

“Gary’s presentation was pitch perfect – couldn’t have been better!”
-Danielle Blank, National Parks Conservation Association

“Gary Ferguson has a rare combination of flawless professionalism and radical kindness that takes a good event and makes it great. Reliable, generous, intelligent, talented, so very gifted at weaving together human emotion and the natural world. …he shines from the inside out.”
-—Pam Houston, Director, Tomales Bay Workshop

“Gary’s keynote was absolutely outstanding — his message was unique, yet it resonated with the entire audience. I heard many participants remark on what an impact he made, and that he was one of the highlights of the conference. He managed to capture and hold the attention of our audience for an hour. Not only that, he also presented ideas that inspired deep reflection and thought that will surely endure long after the conference.”
—Amanda Peterson, Program Coordinator, Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education

“Students are still talking about the breadth of his knowledge …however, what impressed us most was his ability to engage his audience in meaningful and personal discussion. We knew in advance that he was truly a gifted writer. We could not have anticipated his ability to bring such informed passion to his presentations!”
-Dr. Jude Hirsch and Dr. Lee Gillis, Georgia College & State University

“Gary is truly one of the best speakers, writers and friends of the earth and its inhabitants … he reconnects us to our spirit [and] mesmerizes an audience.”
—Andy Anderson, National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

“Gary is truly an inspirational speaker – one who beautifully captures the reasons why we are in this business of protecting America’s natural landscapes. He was terrific!”
—Dave Koehler, Executive Director, San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust

“Gary was fabulous. His talk set the stage for the entire event. He is eloquent, inspiring, and so down to earth. His sincerity, candor, and passion opened our hearts and minds and prepared us to share in a much more authentic way for the remainder of the weekend. I am so glad that he came.”
—Rob Meltzer, Naropa University Wilderness Conference

“Terrific … relevant and engaging. We are looking forward to having him back!”
-Liz Davis, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

“We got many, many compliments on you during the show. Your speech was so uplifting and a great way to kick off the Outdoor Retailer show. Great job …”
—Ingrid Niehaus, Lowa Boots USA

“Gary’s visit to Prescott College was a breath of fresh air. In my eco-psychology class he provided a broad and deeply educated perspective, opened a rich dialogue, and enchanted the students.”
-Dr. Laura Sewell, Author of Sight and Sensibility: The Eco-psychology of Perception

“Gary’s speech was a key component to making our conference a quality experience for all who attended!”
-Tom Stuessy, Wilderness Education Association

“Gary Ferguson’s residency at Randolph-Macon had a strong impact not only on the campus but also in the community at large, due in part to his public presentations that drew people from miles around. As a teacher, a writer, and a man, Gary gets my highest recommendation.”
-Dr. Jim Peterson, Creative Writing Director, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Virginia