As a writer and speaker, the work of best-selling author and lecturer Gary Ferguson comes from intimate experience.

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Over the past thirty years Gary has traveled thousands of miles down the rivers, trails and back roads of North America: trekking 500 miles through Yellowstone to write Walking Down the Wild (Simon & Schuster), wandering through the seasons with the first 14 wolves released into Yellowstone National Park for The Yellowstone Wolves: The First Year (Globe Pequot), spending a season in the field at a wilderness therapy program for the best-selling Shouting at the Sky (St. Martin’s Press).

“I began my writing career by exploring the tracks humans have left in nature,” he says. “Now I’m mostly interested in the tracks nature leaves in us.”

Gary’s lively keynote presentations – each tailored to a specific audience –  celebrate how science, myth, psychology and cultural history shape our thoughts and experiences of the natural world.

He has written for a variety of publications, from Vanity Fair to The Los Angeles Times. He’s also author of 26 books on science and nature, including the award-winning Hawks Rest, published by National Geographic Adventure Press and The Carry Home, winner of the Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award. Gary is a keynote presenter at conservation and outdoor education gatherings around the country.

Most recently, Gary has joined with cultural psychologist, Mary Clare as co-founder of Full Ecology, an idea and an organization dedicated to breaking down the walls between the human psyche and the natural world. Together, the couple offers workshops, retreats, keynotes and continuing professional development designed to help individuals, families and communities traverse life’s changes with integrity and vision. Full Ecology shows us how to reclaim our human nature.